30. November 2011

Deine Story – Dagmar (26) The last sentence was so gratifying

Thanks so much for your honest words…

29. November 2011

Deine Story – Nina (30) Don’t ever live below your own standards again

I’m Nina, a typical thirty-something …

25. November 2011

Ciao amici – “Scheißkerle” (Shitheads) now also available in Italian

Il principe azzurro è un bastardo – Mesi, magari anni, di cene a due, sesso bollente, di spazzolini da denti dimenticati nel suo bagno, ma alla richiesta di …

30. October 2011

Martenstein about “Scheißkerle“ (Shitheads) in DIE ZEIT (week 44/11)

“This word. It’s now considered courageous, original, provocative.“ Columnist Harald Martenstein about rude book titles…

13. October 2011

Frankfurt Book Fair | Advanced autographing

Thanks, Matthias Matussek. The book market – troubled to the extent that authors now even have to autograph each other’s books. Well, we lend a hand whenev …

15. September 2011

Up to rank 14

The paperback edition of “Scheißkerle” (Shitheads) reaches rank 14 in the SPIEGEL list of bestsellers this week – that’s 3 up from last week!

5. September 2011

SPIEGEL paperback bestseller list | Climbed to No. 17 (from 20) this week

After the hardcover’s success in 2010 (which soared to No. 3 on the SPIEGEL list of bestsellers), the paperback – published on 15 August 2011 by Goldmann V …

30. August 2011

SPIEGEL Online: The bitter truth told by the expert for sweet things,1518,783131,00.html

28. June 2011

Swiss bestseller list – Number 1

Roman Maria Koidl’s bestseller continued to top the Swiss list of best-selling books last week.