Deine Story | Marianne (65) “Do we know each other?

Deine Story – Dagmar (26) The last sentence was so gratifying
30. November 2011
Today in BILD |“BLENDER” (Grandstanders) – Roman Maria Koidl’s new book
27. April 2012

Deine Story | Marianne (65) “Do we know each other?

May I call you Roman? I have but one question – have we met? I don’t believe so, however, considering your exceedingly great knowledge of myself, my psyche, and my tortured relationships it seems impossible that we have not spent many hours conversing. I find it amazing that you seem to know me so well, but then again it is a little scary that all women seem to have so much in common.

While I am rather old, much older than 40, I have not been able to shake the emotion that I just want a man to love me, however, it is rather unlikely that there is still time for this to happen in my lifetime. I have been told countless time by many men that they love me but they are not in love with me. I have no idea what this mythical in love thing is, or how a woman must act in order to inspire this in a man.

I reluctantly admit that I still ask myself if I’m too old, too ugly, not intelligent enough, not fascinating enough, or just exactly whatever the hell it is I’m lacking that other women have who are successful in their relationships. Although I have given up on finding a man, considering that in a few months I will be 65, which is evidently the kiss of death to any hope of finding love or romance I sincerely thank you for your book, as it was funny and illuminating, and strangely comforting.

Sincerely, Marianne